Information Architecture Tutorial

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This is a turorial from Webmonkey I will translate all the articles of the turorial in later post. So, this post will translate the first one which will tell us what this turorial for. Let’s check it out here.

Here we go

Information architecture is the science of figuring out what you want your site to do and then constructing a blueprint before you dive in and put the thing together. It’s more important than you might think, and John Shiple, aka Squishy, tells you why.

信息架構是一門弄清楚你想讓你的網站做什麼,然後在你開始實現平湊之前為其構建藍圖的學科.這比你想象中的還要重要,所以John Shiple, aka Squishy 會告訴你為什麼.

Squishy first looks at how to define your site’s goals, shedding light on the all-important art of collecting clients’ or co-workers’ opinions and assembling them in a coherent, weighted order of importance. He also shares his scheme for documenting everything so that all parties can keep up.

Squishy 首先會着手如何定義你網站的目標, 照亮那無比重要的技巧.這個技巧能收集客戶或者同事的意見並且有條理,分主次的整理出來.他也分享如何寫文檔的方案好讓所有的聚會(#TODO)都能保存.

The next step is figuring out who the heck your audiences are going to be. Once that’s out of the way, you can start organizing your future site into pages of content and functions that the site will need to have.


Next, Squishy gets into creativityland, where you start to build the beast:form a skeleton, pick your metaphors, map out your navigation. Then it’s time to break out the graphics program, come up with layout grids, design sketches, and mock-ups, and get ready to build!

接着, Squishy 開始進入創造的大陸, 這將是你創建你王國的地方: 通過一個骨架, 挑選隱喻(#TODO), 規划出導航. 然後就是開始(#TODO)實際操作流程,使用布局網格來實現, 設計骨架, 然後模擬,接着就準備建造吧!!(#TODO)